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Redefining the relationship between brand and rider

Disillusioned with the lack of substance from the corporate brands involved in the action sports scene we decided to create, from scratch, a clothing brand that keeps firmly embedded in the grassroots of the sports.

Our name and logo represent the movement away from the corporate brands that have increasing influence over our lives. We believe that to move forward you need to give something back, that's why in the summer of 2018 we created Exodus to make the dream a reality and become a source of good not greed. Exodus is here to support the up and coming riders and private businesses involved in the sports, so independence of the scene continues for the next generation of rider.


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Exodus is stoked to be the main sponsor of the Southern Cable Series 2018. This is the comps first year and covers the whole of the South of England on a 9 stop tour and sees Exodus take it's first steps to giving back to the up and coming riders of the Wakeboard scene.

Follow us on Instagram to see those winners of the coveted Exodus Limited Edition Golden Top given to all those who place first in their given category.

Looking forward to the next stop at Kernow Adventure Park on the 29th July 2018.